The BDLB Signature Course

Learn how to Shoot, Edit, and USE your own video content



Everyone’s talking about video, how important it is to your business, and how now it’s more crucial than ever. But knowing that it’s important and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT are two totally different things. 

This course will give you daily content and resources for 3 weeks to help you improve your CAMERA CONFIDENCE and video skills through repetition and community accountability, support, and feedback. 


From here we’ll send you a detailed proposal for the work we discussed. It’ll show you exactly what’s included, the cost, as well as a timeline to make sure we’re able to meet your deadline. 



To book our team for shoot dates, and to reserve our editing bandwidth, we require a signed contract and a deposit of ½ the total project amount.

Contract & Invoice


In this 1-2 hour meeting we get to the heart of your business and brand to deeply understand what you do, who you serve, and what you hope to accomplish with video. From there we move to logistics, and begin scheduling shoots and discussing timeline.

Kickoff Meeting


This is when we work our magic BEFORE the shoot and do everything from creating interview questions, charging batteries and packing equipment, to loading teleprompters and creating course outlines. Our goal is to take as much of the pre-work off your plate to ensure shoot day goes as smoothly as possible.

Shoot Prep


Time to get this party started!



We take everything we captured back to the studio to get started on working our editing magic. This is the most time consuming part of the project, and guarantee commercial films within 6-8 wks of the final day of shooting. (We do offer a rush option for those working with a tighter deadline.)



We think the more minds working on a project, the better the final outcome will be. So when we deliver your film(s), we always consider it V1. We use a sweet Vimeo review tool to collect all your thoughts in one place so our team can go back to implement.



We’ll deliver all your final films via Dropbox, so you can download, backup, and then share! We also like to share some blog posts we’ve written over the years to help guide you with some best practices when it comes to sharing films on social media. 

Publishing & Sharing

You’ll leave at the end of three weeks knowing how to shoot, edit and USE your own videos to grow your business. By putting yourself in front of the camera on a consistent basis, alongside a supportive community, you’ll cultivate the confidence you need to continue producing video content for a larger audience, full of past, current and POTENTIAL clients.

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